Wyze Cam 1080p HD Indoor Wireless Smart Home Camera with Night Vision, 2-Way Audio, Works with Alexa (Pack of 2)


Works with Alexa: ask Alexa to show your front door, kid's room, or anywhere else you have your wyze Cam
1080P full HD live stream direct to your smartphone day or night with night vision (up to 30 feet away). works with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi networks (does not Support 5GHz Wi-Fi)
Motion tagging technology detects and outlines motion in both live stream and playback video modes
Motion and sound detection with free rolling 14-Day cloud storage. Use the wyze app (iOS and Android) to manage and share multiple cameras. Add a microSD card (up to 32GB max size) for local storage.
Magnetic base, 6-foot power cable and included adhesive Metal plate let you mount your wyze Cam anywhere - no screws required


Wyze Cam V2 delivers fast, clear, live stream footage direct to your smartphone via the wyze app (iOS and Android), day or night. With motion and sound detection you can receive an alert anytime your wyze Cam V2 detects sound and motion, and view up to 14 days of saved alert videos for free - no monthly fees or subscription required. Use the wyze Cam v2’s new motion tagging feature to easily identify motion in both live stream and playback video modes. Plus, you can add an 8GB, 16GB or 32GB microSD card (sold separately) to enable continuous recording and schedule custom time lapse videos, and use 2-way audio to talk and listen through your wyze Cam V2. Use the wyze app to manage and view multiple cameras, share your cameras with other users, view alert videos, and record and share photos and videos directly from the app. The wyze Cam V2 must be powered to use (it does not have a battery), and is designed for indoor use (it is not weatherproof).

Customers Reviews

Almost nailed it

3.0 out of 5.0 by INTIMIDATOR363 on November 2, 2017
I want to begin by saying that I have been very interested in owning security cameras in my home, but I've never wanted to spend a bunch of money on it. I heard about this camera through a tech news article and I thought that I would give it a shot. After all, a $30 1080p security camera with some free cloud storage just seemed to good to be true.

What I like:
Picture quality is very good and setup was easy. Priced very well too!

Each camera comes with a metal plate and some sticky tape which allows you to put this on any flat surface. This is nice since the camera has a magnet on the bottom of the stand.

Updates come out regularly to fix bugs. Hope that continues for many years to come!

The two way audio quality is actually pretty good! Talking to someone is kind of a pain though. Speaking of that...

What I don't like:
To have your voice protrude through a camera, you have to open the camera on the app and press and hold the mic icon. To hear the other person though, you have to unmute the camera. Seems sensible so far right? Well every time you tap that mic icon, the camera mutes itself again. Kinda pointless to advertise two way audio if the person on the app has to constantly unmute the camera in order to hear the person on the camera trying to talk to them. Not sure why it wont stick to the setting I choose.

The recorded alerts are too short. For instance, I have a camera setup in my garage to start recording after it detects sound or motion. Whenever the garage door is opening, I get alerted and the camera starts recording. However, the recording lasts just long enough to see the garage door open and nothing else as recordings are between 9-12 seconds long. There appears to be a cooldown between each alert too. I say this because I don't get another alert in the time it takes me to park the car, close the garage door, get out of the car, and walk across the camera to get into my home. Having a microSD to continuously record everything would circumvent this, but having the ability to have recorded alerts be 30 seconds could avoid this whole issue.

You can now setup times as to when the camera will send you alerts, but unfortunately these options are just limited to time of day and do not include day of the week. So if you were hoping to set it up to alert you Monday through Friday between the times of 7am and 4pm, you couldn't. This will always alert you every day of the week between your specified times.

This is a small complaint, but the app saves an image of the thumbnail for each camera directly on my phone. I'd prefer the thumbnails to stay on the app itself and not saved in its own folder in my pictures. This also goes for my avatar picture on the app.

This is a fantastic security camera for the money. Most of my problems are software related and (hopefully) will be fixed soon. I look forward to updating my review after they get some more options added and address some of the issues that I mentioned above.

Update: 1/3/18
Both of my cameras frequently disconnect and require power cycles in order to get them to work. They may work for a few hours or a day if I am lucky. Also alarm notifications are not coming up until I open the app making the alerts almost worthless. I'll wait again for an update, but I'm kinda losing hope here.

Update: 2/20/2018
They pushed out an update to help fix the frequent disconnects that I was experiencing, but now only one camera seems to work consistently at a time. (This is in regards to live streaming) What happens is I always seem to have one camera fail at random while the other one continues to work fine. As soon as I power cycle the camera that isn't working, the other one goes down in about a day and I cannot connect to it anymore. If I power cycle that one, then other one goes down. This has been going on since my last update and I now only power cycle them if Wyze pushes out an update as it gets old having to power cycle them every other day. I still get notifications on the one that happens to be down, so it's just the live streaming that doesn't work.

Speaking of notifications, if you are on an Android device and are not receiving notifications from the app, try disabling any battery optimization settings (i.e. Doze) that are interacting with the app. Disabling that should make the notifications come up again. My phone recently updated to have the Doze feature in Android 8.0 and disabling those settings seems to have made those work again.
WyzeCam sending data to servers other than AWS???

1.0 out of 5.0 by Amazon Customer on November 15, 2017
Why are your cameras sending data to non AWS servers? I consistently see UDP traffic (port 10001) heading to Japan, Germany, China + other locations.
IPs below,,,,,
Spy alert!!!!!

1.0 out of 5.0 by O. D. Ita on November 28, 2017
The camera video quality is definitely good, but there is no privacy... Since there is no way to use the camera locally without their app and just using a regular app like "ip cam viewer" that simply uses RTSP, I ended up putting an SD card on it and disabling its internet access by assigning an IP that is restricted by my router...

Well, to my surprise, the camera is CHINESE intelligent and decided to change its macaddress to a new one (completely different from the one in the back label) in order to gain a new IP from my router and regain internet access.

Definitely not a safe cam for indoors...

(I should appear as a verified purchase... Although I bought the item directly from wyze I used amazon payments to pay for it).
Camera sending traffic to non-aws servers located outside us. No visibility / control over security of my own data in the cloud.

1.0 out of 5.0 by aFriend on November 27, 2017
Not sure about how secure it is. They say they utilize a 3rd party called ThroughTek (offices in china and japan - none in US) to handle the transfer of videos. Wyze Cam claims the content is sent securely to aws. Examining the network traffic from camera shows that content is routed thru many providers including AWS, Linode (US) Vultr/Choopa (europe) and Aliyum/Alibaba (china). They seem to also utilize NTP server in Russia. To get more details.. search on web for "WyzeCam sending data to servers other than AWS" and you will find a Reddit article. How does Wyze ensure that ThroughTek is not eavesdropping?

For me to trust Wyze Cam, I need to have clear control over end to end encryption of my data to ensure no 3rd party has any way of accessing my videos. Why can't the data be sent directly from my cam to AWS (s3 bucket)? Why can I not have access to AWS logs (s3 logs) to review which other IP address has accessed (or attempted to access) my content? Just claiming that this is a secure solution, doesn't work for me.

Other than this security concern that I have, the end user experience is great for the camera in other respects. Of course the price is super good.
Excellent camera, but software lets it down...

2.0 out of 5.0 by gregom on December 7, 2017
The hardware is pretty dang good for the price. 1920x1080 good "security camera" quality picture and decent infrared LED illumination for night. Decent mounting system although not very flexible pan or tilt when mounting on a wall, works best either upside down or just sitting on a flat surface. Power cord is just about 2 meters, so not really long enough for most mounting applications but fine if you are setting it on a shelf or something. This is a cool concept, but the software is where it lets you down... hard.

Setup was ridiculously easy, in fact, suspiciously easy. Download the app, turn on the camera, app displays a QR code on your smartphone and you place it in front of the camera, connect it to your WiFi, and it does the rest. Negative to this is you must have an internet connection to access it (even when your smartphone is on the same WiFi) and you can't use it in any third party DVR solutions. You are stuck using their app. And while the apps user interface is ok, it is not at all reliable.

When you start actually trying to use the features of the app you begin to see why this is so cheap. The biggest issues I've had is the motion detection is unreliable and very inconsistent. Even on the lowest sensitivity setting it will detect a fly that is flying around in front of the lens as an alert and record it, yet half the time when I walk in front of it, it doesn't record an alert. Even more frustrating is when it does actually detect an "alert", it only records for about 12 seconds and then stops before the motion stops. So for instance if you are walking around in front of the camera for 20 seconds, it records a few seconds prior to your being in view of the camera, then another 8-10 seconds, then stops while your still moving around in front of it. This can make it completely useless for any sort of security applications where you may not see the face of an intruder until they get closer to the camera. There are also several instances where it doesn’t detect /record motion at all, particularly when it had recently detected one. So this is certainly not at all reliable for actual security use.

If you do want to use it for security, I wouldn't rely on the alerts at all. Install a microSD card and you can then go back through the video to find something. If you are lucky, it will have saved an alert recording and you'll at least have a point in time to go to. However this won't do you any good if the camera gets stolen, which is an easy task considering its easy (non permanent) installation method.

Some other small but annoying problems are whenever you hit the landing page in the app that shows a preview of your cameras, it doesn't show a live feed of all cameras, or even auto refresh (heck, even 30 second auto refreshes would be useful). So every time you go to the app it is still an old, stale image. You have to go view the cam in order to get a new preview, and half the time it doesn't even update it so you have to do this multiple times.

I did do a firmware update on the cameras, as they were out of date when I got them... but clearly there still needs to be more work on these.

Anyway, if you want these just to maybe keep an eye on your pets, or just make sure "did I remember to close the bedroom door?" type of things then it should be just fine for that. But as of right now, the software is not ready for any serious task. Which is a shame because the cameras are quite excellent for the cost, and if the software actually worked well this could be a solid five star buy. And considering all these “selling features" are supposed to work, yet don't, is why I only rate it two stars. Honestly since the usability of these things pretty much relies on the software they are really more of a one star camera, but for the price and the image quality that helps make up for the software shortcomings.

All in all it is a cool idea, cool hardware, but the software needs a lot of polishing. I think (and hope) over time it will improve and become a reliable product, but at this point in time it is not.

UPDATE 5/25/18 after several software and firmware updates things are still the same. Really no improvements at all except bug fixes. The software and the alert functionality is so useless it is a huge shame because this really has the potential to be a great product.
Can't recommend this camera highly enough

5.0 out of 5.0 by BR on November 28, 2017
Fantastic camera, regardless of the price! We have a half dozen webcams scattered around the house, both inside and outside, that we use for security monitoring when we are away. Over the years I've installed cameras from Linksys, Foscam, Insteon and Wansview (NOTE: Foscam, Insteon and Wansview are, for all intents and purposes, the same camera). All of them have gotten the job done, and have cost anywhere from $50-$100 dollars. But after trying out this little camera, I'll never buy anything else again. At least not for indoor use.

--Incredibly easy setup. You just install the app on your phone, plug the camera in, push a button on the bottom, and then point the camera at a QR code the displays on your phone. Then you are prompted to enter the password for your wifi, and that's it. It literally takes 1 minute to set up, with no messing around with firewalls, routers, ports, etc. There are voice prompts, played from the speaker on the camera, that guide you through the process. It's an absolute breeze.

--Image quality is very good. It looks to me like 720p HD video. On my network it streams in full motion at a nice high frame rate. There's none of the jerky low frame rate video that I get from some of my other cameras. Color reproduction is quite good.

--The camera includes both a microphone and a speaker, so you can listen in on the location of the camera, and/or speak through the camera. Speaker quality is what you would expect from a speaker that is less than an inch in diameter. But it works! The microphone is FAR better than the microphone on any of the Foscam/Wansview cameras that I've used in the past. On those you would have to be shouting in order to be heard. The Wyze camera picks up even faint sounds in the room.

--I LOVE the magnetic base! You can stick this thing to any ferrous metal surface, and it stays stuck. At the moment mine is hanging from the bottom of an air duct pipe in my basement. Just go into the app on the phone, tell it to invert the image, and you are all set! It really is slick, and is something that more camera manufacturers should do.

--The motiion detection is simple and reliable. It can be tuned from highly sensitive (triggerrs when my cat walks across the basement floor) to low sensitivity (my wife would have to walk in front of it). Upon triggering, a ~10 second video is captured and uploaded to the cloud. An optional push notification is sent to your phone. And you can go into the app and watch the recording.

--Night vision mode is decent, but not outstanding. There is a single IR LED for low light illumination. They state a night vision range of "up to 30 feet". That's pushing it. But 15-20 feet seems to be no problem at all. It certainly covers a room with no problem.

--The price. How can you beat a $20 camera that simply exceeds every expectation that I had? After reading about this camera online, and reading some reviews, I decided to order on on the spur of the moment just to test it out. Yeah, at this price point you really have no reason NOT to buy one as an impulse purchase. I received mine in 2 days. But the day after ordering, they went on 1-2 month back order. Apparently they are as popular as they deserve to be. Despite the backorder, I'll be placing an order for a couple more before the end of the day.

--None that are really noteable.

--The app doesn't always update the list of recorded motion detection video clips. If you close the app, and reopen it, they show up in the list. But that's software, and will undoubtedly be updated in the very near future.

--Unlike many of the other cameras in the house, this one doesn't support pan/tilt. But for the price, who cares? The Wyze has a nice wide field of view. They are stackable. So if you spend $60 you can stack three of them and have a full 360 degree view for less then the price of one camera that does pan/tilt. And the Wyze will have better image quality

--No idea what its environmental tolerances are. I know that it's not weatherproof. But if I put one in my unheated garage, in upstate NY, is it going to survive the cold? Who knows? But heck, for $20 it might be worth just trying it to see what happens!

My wife was skeptical when I told her that I'd ordered a $20 high def camera as a candidate to replace some of the other cameras that we have in the house. But 20 minutes after plugging it in, configuring it, and playing with it, she said "WE NEED MORE OF THESE!!!"

So, in summary, I just can't recommend this camera highly enough. I know my web cams. I've worked with, and owned, a lot of them over the years. I'm an experienced IT professional who is constantly tinkering with new technology. I'm not a casual user. And this is now my favorite web-enabled camera. Ignore the low price. It has NO correlation to the quality of the product. Just buy one.

1.0 out of 5.0 by English Girl on July 24, 2018
EDITED: BEWARE! I previously gave this camera a Five Star review. I loved them, until today when I learned that they record Sound & Motion when they are TURNED OFF. I would turn them ON whenever I left my apartment and turned them OFF when I came home. Today I discovered, quite by accident, that the 2 cameras were recording ALL DAY LONG! One captured a cell phone conversation and another captured me completely naked when I was changing clothes. While the sound & motion was going on I received NO alerts of this activity. This hasn't happened before. I am horrified! Now I am being spied on in my own home. I now have both cameras unplugged & facing down. I can't tell you what is wrong. I do not recommend buying this camera.
Crazy useful, it really works!

5.0 out of 5.0 by William Duc on November 17, 2017
It is cheaper on the wyze site especially if you purchase multiples. Not sure why.

I currently have the nest cams, some crappy security cameras that I plan on getting rid of and the Ring doorbell camera.

These little stinkers are surprisingly good quality. It may not be easy for anyone to set up on Android but it works out. (For instance, my phone was on 5g wireless, it did not give me any other wifi options until I reconnected my phone non 5g ) not a big deal for me, but I am sure a few will have an issue. (Another example is that the keyboard is always in the way of the next button)

Overall if anyone complains about this camera then they are expecting a Ferrari for a Pinto price. This camera works amazingly well! I have 16 GB micro SD cards in mine and can check every moment when we want to dig deeper into 15 second clips. You can use multiple Wyze cams without killing your router since they only relay the 15 second clips unless you ask the camera for particular footage. This camera is unbeatable for the price. ( We pay monthly fees for ring and nest cameras, and nothing for these Wyze cams) I wish I didn't get the Nest cams and waited. :( The nest and doorbell cams are accessable through the Amazon Alexa Show in the kitchen but we barely use it. The phone app works just fine. Hopefully the camera will allow Wink or Smart things communication in the future. Cheers!
Inexpensive, decent *basic* cameras.

4.0 out of 5.0 by Alex B on December 4, 2017
Good inexpensive basic camera. Picture quality is good, but not very feature rich, smart home-wise. Storage is free 14 days from recording via Amazon cloud, which is nice. Camera feed is reachable only trough their iOS or Android app, but No Alexa or smart integration at this time, so you can't set it to record when you leave or have IFTTT integration. I think that's one of the only drawbacks I can see...

****EDIT: Upgrading one star, did some digging and found a super hacky way to get these cameras to work via IFTTT w/Smart Things. It only worked with a wi-fi smart plug. First, I had to create scenes via the app for the plugs, then I had to go into the dev settings for SmartThings and add devices. I had to connect the account for the plugs to IFTTT. Now the cameras power on when IFTTT notices I've left the house and turn off when I return home. They are powered off when I'm at home (I don't want them recording me walking around sending motion alerts!) and turn on when I'm away. So far, so good.
Great camera for a great price!

5.0 out of 5.0 by P. HOFFERMAN on May 9, 2018
I love this WYZE camera! This is the 6th one I have purchased! For the price, you can't do better. I have this camera mounted outside, I purchased the little "house" available here on Amazon, and so far so good! I have a great view of my driveway! I already have two other WYZE cameras outside, one protecting my front door and one protecting the back door, and they work great during the day or night. I have had those outside since Frb and they have survived cold, snow, and rain. I don't use the alerts, so I can't comment on them. I record directly to SD cards. The picture is clear and the app is useful. I also have three Amazon Cloud Cameras too, which I also love, however I have to say, these WYZE cameras have more features, recording to an SD card for one, then the Cloud cameras have. Plus these WYZE cameras are a quarter of the price! I have one camera pointing outside through my living room window. I have to turn off the night vision due to reflection, however i get a great view! I wish I could think of more places I need to monitor, I would buy more WYZE cameras!